Key people


Jessica Lindblom is a Senior Lecturer in  Cognitive Science at the University of Skövde. Her research interests are social aspects of embodied, situated, and distributed cognition, and their implications to interactive technology, especially social human-robot interaction. She also performs research on UX evaluation methodologies of social human-robot interaction and human-robot collaboration in industry. In AIR, Jessica Lindblom is the project coordinator and the work package leader for “Methodologies and theoretical framework” at University of Skövde.


Tom Ziemke is Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Skövde and Professor of Cognitive Systems at Linköping University. His main research interests are in embodied cognition and social interaction, with a recent focus on people’s interaction with different types of autonomous technologies, ranging from social robots to automated vehicles. Tom was the coordinator of AIR for the first three years of the project.


Achim Lilienthal is a Professor in Computer Science at Örebro University and head of the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction lab, a research group within the center Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems. The general focus of Achim’s research is on perception systems for mobile robots that operate in unconstrained, dynamic environments. A major aim for Achim is to integrate research results timely in industrial demonstrators. In AIR Achim acts as the Project Manager for Örebro University and the Work package leader for  ”Autonomous systems in industrial environments”.


Maria Klingegård is a senior researcher at RISE Viktoria, responsible for autonomous systems in traffic. Maria holds a Master in Human Computer Interaction with Ergonomics from University College London and a PhD in Information Technology from Örebro University, Sweden. At Viktoria, she performs research within the automotive industry to create the vehicles of the future including automated and electric vehicles. In AIR Maria acts as the Project Manager for RISE and the Work package leader for ”Autonomous systems in the traffic”. Contact:


Josef Bigun is a Professor in Signal Analysis at Halmstad University. His research is about biometrics and involves teaching computers, and eventually robots, visual intelligence by recognizing images or patterns. In AIR, Josef Bigun is the project manager for Halmstad University and the work package leader for  “Autonomous systems in the home”.